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Kecleon (BW)

Strategy Pokédex > BW > Kecleon
level: 100 hp: 60 atk: 90 def: 70 satk:60 sdef: 120 spd: 40
Level 100 stats » 5, 50, 100
Ability: Color Change
Color Change
Changes the Pokémon's type to the foe's move.
Il Pokémon acquisisce il tipo della mossa subita.

Tier : NU
Tier : NU

NeverUsed     RS DP BW           Moves

Specially Defensive

~from Smogon
Leftovers - Avanzi
Heals a little HP at the end of each turn.
Calm - Calma
+10%: SDef, -10%: Atk
252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef
- Stealth Rock
Stealth Rock - Levitoroccia

Power: - , Precision: -
PP: 20 (max 32)
(data relative to Gen 5)

- Recover
Recover - Ripresa

Power: - , Precision: -
PP: 10 (max 16)
(data relative to Gen 5)

- Foul Play
Foul Play - Ripicca

Power: 95, Precision: 100%
PP: 15 (max 24)
(data relative to Gen 5)

- Toxic
Toxic - Tossina

Power: - , Precision: 90%
PP: 10 (max 16)
(data relative to Gen 5)
/ Thunder Wave
Thunder Wave - Tuononda

Power: - , Precision: 100%
PP: 20 (max 32)
(data relative to Gen 5)

Kecleon can make use of its above average special bulk to set up Stealth Rock in front of special attackers. Color Change also allows it to wall several Pokemon such as special Samurott lacking Taunt and Choice Scarf Jynx. Recover allows Kecleon to keep itself healthy against the onslaught of special attackers. Foul Play is used as Kecleon's attacking option, as its Attack stat is subpar and it rarely receives a STAB boost on any move due to Color Change. Foul Play also deals heavy damage to Golurk. Kecleon can also be a decent status spreader, with Toxic crippling walls and Thunder Wave crippling fast opposing attackers; both can potentially pave the way for a teammate's sweep. It should be noted that it is very easy for opponents to take advantage of Color Change to expose Kecleon to super effective attacks. For instance, Charizard can use a combination of Hidden Power Grass and Fire Blast to easily KO Kecleon. As such, Kecleon should always be used with caution.

Magic Coat is a decent move on Kecleon, allowing it to bounce status moves, entry hazards, and Taunt back at the opponent. Return can be used over Foul Play, but it is usually weak due to Kecleon's ever-changing typing. Because Kecleon can slow down faster foes with paralysis, teammates that appreciate the opponent's team getting slowed down are decent. Sawk, Ursaring, and Samurott are good examples. Physically defensive Pokemon are also great partners as they cover up Kecleon's weaker defensive stat. Musharna is a great example as it can provide cleric support, as well as taking the Fighting-type hits that threaten Kecleon before Color Change activates. Dark-type Pursuit trappers are also nice teammates to have because they deter opponents from bringing in Pokemon such as Heal Bell Synchronize Musharna that can beat Kecleon. Skuntank and Sneasel are good examples.


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